Description of the painting by Vincent van Gogh "Bridge of Anglois in Arles"

Description of the painting by Vincent van Gogh

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Van Gogh is a famous Dutch painter who saw the world in his own special style. During his lifetime, he did not gain popularity and understanding, did not know how to make paintings, died in poverty and obscurity, and only after his death did a celebrity come to him. During his lifetime, he wrote letters to his brother, worked on many works, served as a laughing stock and, despite this, continued to paint, because he felt that only this occupation was worth it for him to do. Nothing could break his willpower, falling, he rose again.

The bridge of Anglois in Arles is a peculiar symbolic place for Van Gogh. He wrote it repeatedly when he left stuffy Paris and left for the south of France in search of his promised land, which would heal and inspire him. Representing Japan as a wonderful marvelous land, where everything is different, he was satisfied that he was leaving to the south of the country instead of Japan, and painted there one by one, exhausted, working for wear, returning home, staggering and getting up in the morning with gray circles under the eyes. It was this bridge that fascinated him.

According to him, Van Gogh measured whether his talent had grown, whether the skill had changed. Perhaps he was attracted to wheat fields or women coming to the river to wash the laundry. Perhaps the life of the old bridge, on which people constantly walked and traveled.

The "Bridge of Anglois in Arles" depicts a bridge on a summer afternoon. A river flows lazily - molten gold of sunlight shines in its waters. A lady in a black dress with a black umbrella crosses the bridge. Fields are excited under the wind, trees are swinging. The houses reflect the sunlight on the tiled roofs.

Like any work by Van Gogh, “The Bridge of Anglois in Arles” is permeated with love for the world. The colors chosen are very bright, saturated, juicy, able to convey the summer, strokes are applied quick, small, you can see each individually - they do not merge.

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