Description of the picture by Makalous Čiurlionis “Truth”

Description of the picture by Makalous Čiurlionis “Truth”

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This picture is mysterious, but how much food gives thought! How much can you think looking at this canvas. Truth - the concept is capacious and truth is not always the last resort for mortals.

As a rule, the truth is hidden from us and we only reach the truth when we ourselves want it. But do we want this? Good question. More often than not, we do not need the truth. It’s better to live in the dark and not understand the true state of affairs, it’s better to live in the belief that everything is fine, although in reality everything is not as we would like. It’s better ... not to know the truth, because human happiness is unlikely to come from this.

Truth is that which will not allow us to sleep peacefully, will not allow us to think calmly. But when you acquire the truth, you feel absolutely calm and understand everything. So what to do? To be in the dark and not to accept the truth, or to accept the light of truth and be a black sheep among the gray-black mere mortals.

After all, only bright personalities of the level of Christ are able to possess the truth and bring it to people. But this is another truth - holy. Not everyone owns it and not everyone is subject to it. Therefore, many come to the conclusion that it is better not to mess with the truth. It’s better to wait and not sin in vain. It is better to become simple than excessively truthful and true. This dilemma is constantly tormenting humanity and does not give rest ...

The truth is always somewhere nearby, sometimes we just don’t notice it or don’t want to notice it or just pretend that it is not at all. We are strange people! But the artist gave us a true sense of the light of the soul from the possession of truth. He showed us how many truths can fly into the fire of the soul that we hold in our hands. But truth is in the strength of the spirit, in the strength of the soul, in the strength of man himself. We just need to live and if we do not understand the truth, then at least get in touch with it. If you don’t take it into yourself, then at least it’s just to understand that she’s always there.

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