Description of the painting Firs Zhuravlyov "Guess who came ..."

Description of the painting Firs Zhuravlyov

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That's who they forgot about, so forgot. Yes, this very popular painter was practically forgotten at the time, and already he would have sunk into oblivion. If only recently the staff of the Tretyakov Gallery had not found a number of his paintings in their archives. This artist worked in genre painting, that is, he described certain episodes in the life of people.

Moreover, the artist was very friendly with Kramskoy, an equally famous Russian artist. Both of them complemented each other perfectly. But only Kramskoy became famous as a master of portraits, and Zhuravlev - a master of genre scenes.

So now we have one of his works. See how the interiors of that time are clearly shown: wallpaper, floors, the presence of a fireplace with a fireplace mirror. As for the owner of this room, the artist made it clear to us only with a musical instrument that the young man is very educated. And then two friends came to visit him. One of them is clearly his bride, but the other could be a relative. They came to visit him and decided to play him a little. They entered slowly from the street, and while he was playing music, one of the girls came up behind and closed his eyes.

The canvas does not carry any semantic load, just a light note from the life of a person of average prosperity. But how much sincerity is in her, how much emotionality. It is evident that the guy did not expect a surprise, and one of the girls is inclined to even condemn the actions of her friend. Pay attention to the clothes of friends. One of them is dressed a little more elegantly, the second is a little easier. And which of them his beloved you will not immediately understand. Although ... nevertheless, you can understand by facial expressions that the lady in black is his bride.

The painter has many different paintings with many realities of life. Often he painted on canvas the needs of orphans and widows, painted children. At exhibitions, his works invariably aroused interest and delight among the public and his colleagues. But in our time, the name of the artist and his creations were slightly forgotten.

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