Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Under the Sun”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Under the Sun”

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Krymov - a famous Soviet painter, teacher. The painting “Under the Sun” is a vivid example of Russian impressionism. The canvas to some extent resembles the paintings of Van Gogh - the same strokes applied one after another, creating a texture and forming a rhythm, movement, the same contrasting and somewhat implausible, but bright and vibrant colors.

At first glance, the picture seems to be a simple two-dimensionally flat, two-color composition, completely inexpressive, more like a tapestry or embroidery. And it is important to note that the basic rules of composition are observed here - the construction is free, not overloaded, a circular color spot in the lower left, upper right, and small spots in the center.

Then, peering, you can see what is depicted here - a brightly yellow rye field mowed, geese grazing on it and trying to hide in the cool shade of the scorching sun, a stack of hay harvested, green trees in the distance casting the same bright blue shadows ... and behind them - cloudless transparent summer sky ... The sky is not clearly indicated in the picture, the main attention is directed to the shadow close to us and to geese.

Although the canvas is stylized, in the picture you can feel the dynamics transmitted through the lines, and the depicted is quite realistically transmitted, especially rye and its texture.

As the artist himself said, in order to convey the material of an object, its texture, it is necessary to catch its natural shade, tone and aperture ratio. He defined the concept of painting as precisely the possibility and ability to convey the tone of the material, and described the absence of tone as the absence of the material itself.

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