Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Winter"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Winter landscapes in the works of Savrasov occupy a special place. Winter in the artist’s paintings is real, Russian and true to such an extent that, looking at the paintings, it seems that you are exhaling frosty air.

Actually, Savrasov is considered one of the creators of the Russian, or rather the Russian romantic landscape, which is certainly confirmed by the artist's works.

Winter painting stands out among the winter landscapes, and among landscapes of a romantic orientation.

The picture has a lot and a lot of snow. It is everywhere, and with a long viewing of the work, the eyes become as painful as they are in nature in winter.

Trees in a "silver" captivity and around are chained silence, silence of frost. Everything seemed frozen in the winter silence, which I want to enjoy, not noticing that this is just an illusion that arises thanks to the skill of the artist.

The sky in the picture is winter, and together with the character of the stove smoke that falls from the chimney of the house, it does not promise improvement in the weather.

Thanks to Savrasov’s skill in drawing, the details in the painting “Winter” are clearly distinguished, which, when viewing the work, creates a feeling of its bulk.

In the picture, a rickety house (a picture without artificially reproduced ideal elements) is natural and characteristic of the artist’s period of creativity. Thanks to this naturalness, which successfully fits it into the general background of the picture, the house seems to give comfort and warmth. Again, thanks to the clear contours of the roof of the house and wicker fence, a feeling of personal presence is created.

In fact, such detailing required a lot of work. But detailing is achieved not only by hard work, but also by understanding the essence of color on the part of the author. Regarding the colors, it should be noted that the picture has a very successful color harmony. The effect of detailed drawing in combination with a successful combination of colors made the picture one of the examples of the winter landscape in Russian painting.

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