Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel "The Fall of Icarus"

Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel

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The mythological background of the picture is known to almost everyone. The author very specifically depicted the ending of this story.

In the foreground, you can observe characters who are completely not related to the main idea of ​​the picture. However, this plowman, who is engaged in his work and does not even pay attention to what is happening, symbolizes indifference to the fallen Icarus.

The main face of this myth can be seen in the center of the picture, but even here it is worth making an effort to make out his legs, comically sticking out of the water surface. The river is covered with feathers from the crashed wings of the unlucky Icarus.

Father Icarus is not visible in the picture. However, it can be assumed that the heartbroken father flew away from this place, noticing the glance of the shepherd. Icarus crashed into the water surface imperceptibly for ordinary people - no one noticed him. All of them continue to do their earthly affairs.

However, there is only one creature in the picture who is not indifferent to the fall of Icarus. He is closely watched by a gray partridge sitting on a rocky plumb. A legend is connected with this creature, which says that Daedalus killed his nephew, realizing that he shows much greater abilities than the master himself. Envy and the threat of oblivion blinded the master and Daedalus killed the youth. But falling from the cliffs, Perdix did not die at all. Gracious Athena felt sorry for the boy, and he turned into a gray partridge. The little bird is gloating, watching the situation: Daedalus's sin has returned to him. Perdix avenged.

All the action of the picture develops against the backdrop of a picturesque landscape, written in the tradition of Dutch painting. The whole picture is nevertheless painted in calm, soft colors. The entire background over the horizon is occupied by the sun. It was the sun that caused the fall of Icarus. But the sun is not a bright spot in the landscape: however, the whole picture appears before the eye in the haze of dim sunlight.

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