Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Christ and the Sinner”

Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Christ and the Sinner”

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Having embodied biblical truths in his painting “Christ and the Sinner”: “good always triumphs over evil”, “forgiveness is the way to God”, Polenov also selected the corresponding name for it. Initially, it sounded: "Which of you is without sin?", And the censors replaced: "Christ and the sinner." Under this name, the canvas was presented at the St. Petersburg exhibition, where it was bought by Alexander III - the Russian emperor.

Before writing this picture, the author had to make a couple of trips to the East in order to thoroughly study the national characteristics of the Jews and accurately convey the atmosphere of a legend from the Bible. And the plot for her was the biblical legend of the sinner Christ. It tells how, when he was returned to the temple, a woman was brought to Jesus, caught in a sinful occupation (adultery).

Men, placing her in the middle, asked what to do with her. After all, Moses taught such sinners to stone. And Christ answered: "If there is a sinless one among you, let him throw a stone at her." And silently continued to write. Everyone began to leave gradually. Only Jesus and that poor woman remained. Then he told her that if no one had condemned her sin, and he would not condemned. Then he simply ordered her to go home and no longer sin.

This painting destroyed the traditional principles of the artistic image of Jesus. After all, Palenov managed to concentrate, first of all, on his human qualities. He wrote Christ not - not as God, but as a wanderer, sage and philosopher. The canvas caused quite a lot of controversy among critics. But still this picture most vividly and colorfully revives an ancient gospel legend. And Jesus at Polenov is as mundane as possible: he sits calmly in a slightly tired pose, dressed like an ordinary person (a friend of the artist whom he met in the East). Thus, he is as close as possible to a simple person.

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